What makes a hoe, a hoe ?

Pretty much everyone on earth has heard the term ‘hoe’ at some point now. Well what is it exactly ? Is there a concrete definition ? What is one supposed to look like  ? Well here’s what a few women we asked said: 

“Honestly I think a “hoe” defines more of the person who is using it than towards the person it’s being thrown onto. It displays a level of jealousy, envy or dismissive attitude”

“…A HOE IS A HOE if we talking gardening tools …But a HOE (whore ) is A promiscuous person no matter the gender .. who sleeps with or makes excessive sexual advances to another individual who they have no ties with.. Paid or unpaid .. yous a hoe .”

“People only call those a hoe who have no ties and don’t conform to social beliefs.We are animalistic. It’s simple. It’s also called ‘Dating & Mating’”

“Mating process of natural desire of sex and intimacy. I think our bodies can withstand the stresses of sex physically now spiritually is a different argument. Not everyone has the same spiritual meter or capacity as the next so it’s up to that person to understand how much energy they can hold.”

Now when type “define hoe” into the google search bar the first thing you get is some dads in boots gardening. Valid.

If you start clicking around and you happen to land on urban dictionary, you get these definitions:

“Justin Bieber.”

“A trash bag who thinks who thinks having sex with only one person means one person at a time. Has sex with multiple people and thinks it’s ok to do that. Can be male or female.”

“Who sleeps with a lot of guys that girl is a Hoe.”

So ask you can see there’s quite a few definitions in just two different platforms. I didn’t find official definition so maybe it’s just whatever you make it. 

What’s your definition ? Let us know in the comments !


Sex Workers Are People Too

A lot of people don’t believe that sex workers are real people. They believe that because of the nature of their work they deserve any malice that may come as a result (nevermind that the malice is only a result of their very way of thinking). Prostitutes especially perceived to be the scum of the human species.

So first of all, what is a sex worker ? A sex worker is a person whose work involves sexually explicit behavior; especially : prostitute. How to use sex worker in a sentence.

If you do a quick google search about sex work you’ll stumble upon a lot of talk about decriminalizing the field and considering a “real” form of work. One woman speculates this about why sex work isn’t legal, “It’s no coincidence that it is work associated with women which is often deemed not-to-be work, and therefore underpaid and undervalued. Like caring and domestic work, prostitution is a form of “women’s work” which involves us asking for money for something which, under capitalism and patriarchy, we’re expected to give for free.

Work is bad. Capitalism means we sell our labour in ways that often feel exploitative or alienating. More and more of us are doing precarious, low-paid work where we answer to a boss and  have scant access to labor rights.”

Another woman who is also a worker recently went live on Facebook recently to share her piece because she’s also tired of the derogatory comments targeted towards her and her field. “A lot of people don’t realize that men participate just as much.” “I have an onlyFans page…I’ve been a dominatrix before and I’m probably about to get back to it.” “I have an onlyFans and we’re not prostitutes.” She then lists out all the reasons she got to this point.

The main similarities between these two women and the millions of other sex workers is that they just want to work safely and they want to retain basic human rights.

Check out this vice article on tips for how to treat any sex workers you know !