Hoe, Holy


The mission of Holy Hoe Clothing Co is to spread love and freedom of expression for everyone through comfortable, affordable clothing. The vision is to harmonize spirituality and sexuality through fashion. 

Throughout different interactions and from reading through forums and such I found over and over again that many people perceive most things to be mutually exclusive. They try to keep humanity simple, one dimensional, in a box. For example if you’re showing what they believe to be “hoe shit” then they’ll conclude that you mustn’t have an ounce of holiness in you. 


People are extremely dynamic and most everything is on a spectrum. Just because you’re a hoe (so to speak because everyone has a different definition of what a hoe is) doesn’t mean that you don’t have any type of spirituality. Just because you are meek that doesn’t mean you aren’t powerful. Just because you’re shy that doesn’t mean you’re not garrulous. I could really go on forever. 

You are allowed to be two things at once. You are allowed to be you in entirety.

Our clothing line is for those of you who refuse to constantly edit and minimize parts of yourselves to keep others comfortable. If you’re sexually liberated and you feel inspired in that zone and people say that makes you a hoe then fuck it, be a hoe. At least you’re a happy hoe and not afraid to show it ! If you pride yourself on following your holy book to a T and you’re feeling all godly then you should be able to represent that as well without fearing that people will judge you as holier than thou or accuse you of being better than them. But if they do get offended, so what ! That is their own personal problem.

For these reasons our first season, launching August 22, will be a line of Hoe gear and a line of Holy gear. Something for both ends of the spectrum ! Subscribe to our blog to stay tuned.

Sending you all love, light and peace,

– Bunny