Manifest it. Good vibes. Stay positive. These have all been trending heavy lately like going green or that time we had frosty lipstick and thought it was cool. The terms have entered into pop-culture so hard that they’ve almost lost their meaning. People forget about how real they really are.

The Google definition of manifestation is an event, action, or object that clearly shows or embodies something, especially a theory or an abstract idea. Still then there’s so much more to it.

The law of attraction says that manifesting is “intentionally creating what you want.” Whatever you’re thinking about most, whatever you’re dwelling on will manifest. It will materialize into your life in some way. Even if you’re not intentionally making requests you’re manifesting because you’re always thinking.

So what are some steps you can take to actively manifest the good things in life that you desire ? Not sure ? I got you ! Here’s a few tips.

First things first you absolutely have to get clear on what you want. Everything is in the details. Remember on any cartoon when we were littler where there was a wish granter something crazy would always happen ! Like if you wished to be rich and famous they’d make it something wild like you’re famous for shitting on the presidents head and you’re rich via embezzlement so you’re in jail and can’t even enjoy the money. Like ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN ! Being specific ups your chances of getting what it actually is that you want.

Then put your request out. Don’t just keep it in your brain. Pray about it. Ask the universe. Chant it out. Write it on a paper plane and toss it in the sky. Whatever your jam is, I promise all of it works !

Then work toward your goals because efforts are always blessed. Usually nothing is going to just fall into your lap. It’s like an employer match program. For every dollar you put into your retirement or some other special savings account, they’ll throw another dollar in for you. For every ounce of sweat equity you put in, you’re gonna get back an ounce of bless. Every time. It may not be immediate but it’ll totally happen.

Finally, you have got to trust the process. We are so, soooo impatient. I personally hate anything that takes longer than like 17 seconds. Extreme impatience. But things take time and there’s no way around it. 

So what do you want to manifest ? Let us know in the comments !

Hoe, Holy


The mission of Holy Hoe Clothing Co is to spread love and freedom of expression for everyone through comfortable, affordable clothing. The vision is to harmonize spirituality and sexuality through fashion. 

Throughout different interactions and from reading through forums and such I found over and over again that many people perceive most things to be mutually exclusive. They try to keep humanity simple, one dimensional, in a box. For example if you’re showing what they believe to be “hoe shit” then they’ll conclude that you mustn’t have an ounce of holiness in you. 


People are extremely dynamic and most everything is on a spectrum. Just because you’re a hoe (so to speak because everyone has a different definition of what a hoe is) doesn’t mean that you don’t have any type of spirituality. Just because you are meek that doesn’t mean you aren’t powerful. Just because you’re shy that doesn’t mean you’re not garrulous. I could really go on forever. 

You are allowed to be two things at once. You are allowed to be you in entirety.

Our clothing line is for those of you who refuse to constantly edit and minimize parts of yourselves to keep others comfortable. If you’re sexually liberated and you feel inspired in that zone and people say that makes you a hoe then fuck it, be a hoe. At least you’re a happy hoe and not afraid to show it ! If you pride yourself on following your holy book to a T and you’re feeling all godly then you should be able to represent that as well without fearing that people will judge you as holier than thou or accuse you of being better than them. But if they do get offended, so what ! That is their own personal problem.

For these reasons our first season, launching August 22, will be a line of Hoe gear and a line of Holy gear. Something for both ends of the spectrum ! Subscribe to our blog to stay tuned.

Sending you all love, light and peace,

– Bunny

Hoe, Holy

Holy & Hoe

Holy Hoe is somewhat of a contradiction. We are all walking contradictions in one way or another. Other people would describe someone who continuously contradicts themselves a hypocrite. Maybe though it’s just possible to have two opposing forces working within you at once ? It’s definitely worth exploring.

One of the better fitting words that comes to mind is DICHOTOMY. A dichotomy is a contrast between two opposing or sharply different things. Also, according to the dictionary, a dichotomy is “a division of a class of something into subclasses that are mutually exclusive; I.e. they are separate. 

Another word that comes to mind is ‘duality’. Right off bat, the suffix du- let’s you know it’s two of something. Duality is “a classification into two subclasses or opposed parts. I.e. two parts of one whole.” Duality embodies even more so the idea of being both separate and together. Polarity is the “manifestation of two opposite or contrasting principles or tendencies; I.e. two ends of a spectrum.”

We then have the word ‘enigma’. An enigma is someone or something that’s considered puzzling or to be a riddle, a conundrum even. These four words, or phenomena, fascinate me when it comes to exploring humans; figuring out what we do and what we stand for. If we’re so complex and so dynamic why do we take every opportunity possible to stuff each other into a box with a single label ? Why do we act as if all things are mutually exclusive much more often than not ? Is life a choice of perpetual opportunity costs or can we have it all ?

Our goal is to give you a slice of it all wrapped together. Our tagline WEAR YOUR TRUTH is encouraging you to both love and be in tune with yourself as a totality. As an imperfect compilation of perfection. It doesn’t necessarily have to be half holy and half hoe. Embrace any dichotomy that is beautifully you. 

How would you describe yourself ? Let’s talk about it !


What Makes You Holy ?

What Makes You Holy ?

There’s a plethora of definitions out there about what it means to be holy. Here’s a few: 

Dedicated or consecrated to God or a religious purpose.

To be sacred.

Of a person devoted to the service of God.

Morally and spiritually excellent.


Exalted or worthy of complete devotion as one perfect goodness and righteousness.

Devoted entirely to the deity or the work of the deity.

I mean there’s a smooth like 900 other definitions out there to go from but they all hold the same general idea. To be holy is to be connected with something bigger to yourself. It’s to be devoted to goodness. 

What’re some actions that’s deemed holy ? Hmmmm, let’s see what our old buddy Jeeves says (not really).

According to our Catholic homies holy actions include: prayer, apostolic undertakings, evangelizing, hardships of life, baptism and taking communion. Other Christian sects include singing, dancing, disconnecting from the rest of the world, resisting temptation, being obedient reading the Bible (other holy books too) and acts of service as holy. Buddhism’s holy acts include: paying homage to Buddha (not the same as praying), going for refuge, confessing faults, weddings and funerals.

These acts also elude the fact to be holy you must be pure.

More esoteric holy acts would include affirmations, manifestos, recycling and growing plants.

Okay, so we’re totally getting somewhere with our understanding. So what are some things that contradict being holy ? Striving for fame and fortune, looking for material happiness, publicizing your good deeds, being lazy, complaining, defiling your body (things commonly viewed as defiling the body include premarital sex and drug use), and committing crimes.

So there you have it. In case you, uh, wanna be holy totally follow what’s up in here. Our aim, however, is not to be holy in the slightest. In the next blog we will tell you exactly what our aim is so go ahead and click that follow button !

And just in case you forgot today, love yourself.